10 Worst Customer Service Companies

Consumer insights on poor customer service

Zogby International recently conducted a survey for MSN Money among 3,022 randomly chosen respondents to ask them about customer service at 150 companies in 15 industries.

Here are the 2011 Customer Service Hall of Shame (http://on-msn.com/kuh2Oc):

10. Farmers Insurance — the very same whose website proclaims they “build a business of service”?!

9. Chase — the #2 financial services company in country and a foreboding of things to come.

8. Progressive — spend a lot of money on Flo and TV commercials, but according to consumer affairs complaints, not fond of paying off claims.

7. Citibank — there’s a reason New Yorkers have another name for this financial institution.

6. Comcast — however their poor customer service rating has declined from 41% to 31% in two years.

5. Time Warner Cable — in the ‘hall of shame” for five straight years with little change.  I was a customer until DirecTV came along — never again.  Based on what I’ve experienced, TWC believes they’re a utility and treats their customers like they have no other choice.  Thank you DirecTV.

4. Sprint — Dan Hesse is on TV talking the talk but the CSRs are not walking the walk.

3. Capital One — claims they’ve improved their automated call center.  Seems like an oxymoron to me.

2. AOL — still hard to cancel and the spokesperson had the gall to tell the reporter 75% of our users don’t know they don’t need to subscribe to check email.  AOL, have you ever heard of the concept of transparency and have integrity and honesty with your customers?

1. Bank of America — the largest financial institution in the country.  41% of credit card customers say the bank has “poor” customer service while on 39% of banking customers rate customer service as “poor.”

Based on previous research that has shown that companies that keep their customer happy are more profitable and perform better in the market than those that do not, you make want to insure that your investment portfolio doesn’t include any of these “poor” performers.

Do you agree or disagree with the list?


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