Chipotle Burrito Bowls 3,267 and 3,268

Chicken and Carnitas — Streets of Southpoint, Durham, NCIMG_1499.JPG

While I’m not a big fan of #FoodWithIntegrity at shopping centers, Chipotle at the Streets of Southpoint in Durham is two miles closer than the CMG in Morrisville where I ate on weekdays for more than three and a half years.

Pablo Guardiola and his team do a good job. I eat early to avoid the rush and because I get up early. Both days Pablo was having lunch with team members – the sign of a good restaurateur.

I’m grateful Chipotle is building a restaurant near the highway 54/55 intersection in Durham that’s only a couple of miles from my new office, and due to open in October.

Last night at Healthtrax was “push night” with lying dumbbell chest press and standing dumbbell shoulder press followed by 30 minutes of yoga/stretching/meditation and 10 minutes in the Hydromassage lounge.

Tonight at Healthtrax is a 60-minute Group Centergy class followed by 10 minutes in the Hydromassage lounge.


About Chipotle for Life

An integrated marketing professional who generates insights from analytics to increase revenue. My blog for marketing now resides at After getting requests from a number of people about my eating and exercise routine, I've decided to begin sharing about my healthy obsession with Chipotle and exercise.
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