Chipotle Burrito Bowl 3,224

Carnitas at Morrisville, NC.IMG_1447

After getting quite a few requests, I’ve decided to start sharing my eating and exercise program with others so they may be able to make the same life changes I have.

18 years ago I had the opportunity to go to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. I was 42 years old, 5’9″, and weighed 220 pounds with ~30% body fat.

Today at 60, I’m still 5’9″ but weigh 152 with 12.3% body fat.

At Canyon Ranch, I learned I was allergic to wheat, milk (whey), and refined sugar. They told me to get the allergens out of my diet and get to the gym every day. Start by walking on the treadmill at 3.0 miles per hour for 30 minutes and when I got bored start doing something else.

That year, I made it to the gym 365 straight days, lost 40 pounds, and didn’t have one upper respiratory infection after typically having five a year, due to the allergens in my body.

In 2007, Chipotle opened its first restaurant on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh NC. It was convenient to my office and I could eat around my allergies. I had already read about Chipotle and had the opportunity to try one in Las Vegas. Since this one was close to my office I started eating there every day, except Sunday’s when I visited my parents.

Tonight is “push night” at the gym – chest and shoulders followed by 30 minutes of yoga for stretching and mindfulness.

More tomorrow. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.


About Chipotle for Life

An integrated marketing professional who generates insights from analytics to increase revenue. My blog for marketing now resides at After getting requests from a number of people about my eating and exercise routine, I've decided to begin sharing about my healthy obsession with Chipotle and exercise.
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