SoLoMo Lives!

Consumer insights on SoLoMo

Five days ago I wrote a blog post lamenting the fact that SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) marketing was taking too long for retailers to adopt and questioning if that would be the death of Foursquare.

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked in at Whole Foods today and there was a “special” on their Foursquare page.

Whole Foods has a great promotion with American Express where if I buy $75 worth of groceries between now and June 15, AMEX will give me a $10 refund — 13.3% discount.

Awesome cross-promotion by Whole Foods and AMEX, facilitated by Foursquare.

I’ve already told my wife that I need to go with her on her next “big” shopping trip to Whole Foods.  She now understands why I keep “checking in” everywhere I go.

Hopefully many other retailers will see the benefits of promotions of this type.

What SoLoMo promotions have you taken part in?


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