Why EDLP Isn’t A Good Idea When Hiring a Charter

Consumer insights on charter buses

My best friend owns a charter bus company, Holiday Tours, that covers central North Carolina.

I am always amazed when he tells me about the number of “price-only” shopper queries they receive.

Anyone chartering a bus for a school group, church group, business outing or a group of friends, ought to be a little more concerned about safety.

I would provide a list of questions to ask when chartering a tour bus, but I know EDLP (every day low price) providers will not give you an honest answer to your questions.

They are typically in the business on a whim and running their business on a shoestring cutting corners everywhere they can to stave off inevitable bankruptcy that’s the result of pricing that fails to cover their cost, let alone provide a reasonable profit.

Nonetheless the following are several items you need to consider:

  • Will the driver hold a current Commercial Driver’s License with a “passenger” endorsement ?
  • Will the driver hold a valid medical certificate ?
  • Does the company have a driver drug/alcohol testing program that complies with DOT regulations ?
  • What is the maintenance schedule for the buses?
  • What is the company’s safety record?
  • How does the company ensure the safety and security of passengers?

Charter buses are a great, and environmentally friendly, way to travel with a group for business or pleasure; however, safety should come before price more so than in any other purchase you make.

What are your experiences with motor coach travel?


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