Strike Two: Missed Chances to be Awesome

Consumer insights on being awesome

After having written a couple of blog posts on Scott Stratten’s book The Business Book of (Un)Awesome I thought I’d share how my optometrist missed a couple of chances to be awesome and consequently became unawesome.

I’ve been going to Eye Care Associates for about 10 years.  This summer I was due for a new set of glasses.  I’m old-school and prefer round frames to the more stylish rectangular frames.  All Eye Care Associates had in stock were rectangular frames.

I talked to Shaun Cotterman, the chief procurement officer, about my situation and he suggested I find what I wanted on the Internet and send them to him via e-mail.

I sent him what I wanted from  He told me he could not get those particular frames but suggested I order them and bring them in and they’d put lenses in them.

I did so and everything worked out fine.  However, Shaun, and Eye Care Associates, missed an opportunity to be awesome, and add value to our relationship, by not taking care of this for me.

Shortly after getting new glasses, I applied for the director of marketing position at Eye Care Associates to Melissa Short, director of H.R.  I asked my optometrist to put in a good word for me.  Nothing.

After several months, I inquired about the position and learned it had been filled.  I expressed my concern that Eye Care Associates didn’t have the courtesy to respond to a customer and they explained they received more than 400 applications for the job.

How many of these applications were from customers?  How many from potential customers?  Do you think it might have been worthwhile to thank the applicants and let them know the position had been filled?

Everyone is looking for a “silver bullet” to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the user experience.  There is no “silver bullet.”  There are a lot of little opportunities to be awesome, but you have to be on the lookout for them and then execute on them.

Where are you, and your employees, missing the opportunity to be awesome?


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