12 Takeaways From The Business Book of Unawesome

Consumer insights on being awesome

I enjoyed reading The Book of Business Unawesome by Scott Stratten, author of Unmarketing.  This is the other half of The Book of Business Awesome.

Following are my 12 key takeaways from Scott’s latest book:

  1. If your actions contradict your values, your values are worthless and your customers and prospects will likely see the contradiction before you will.
  2. What we do affects our brand perception more than any brochure or website ever could.
  3. Make your website mobile friendly.  Smartphones now make up more than 50% of all cell phones in the U.S. — 85% among millennials.
  4. Your mission statement is your actions.  Each person who come in contact with your brand can have a different experience.
  5. Your vision, mission and values are not what’s on a sheet of paper — it’s what you do.
  6. Customers don’t see your silos.  They see your brand as a whole.  Every time they don’t get a response or are told they are waiting in the wrong line, it hurts your brand.
  7. Be sure someone is responsible for letting customers know your brand is listening, cares about their feedback, is taking care of whatever issues that may have arisen or has passed it along to the right person who can resolve it.
  8. Anyone running a social media account for a brand should have access to answers and resources within the company, or at least a game plan, when common issues arise.
  9. User experience is critical.  Users are becoming more savvy and will tolerate less crap.
  10. Data without insights is ignorance.  Have a dialogue with customers to get real insights from data.
  11. We cannot make business decisions based on numbers alone.  People are not numbers and they cannot be expected to act the same way numbers do.
  12. Newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your market and position yourself as an expert, but only when done with respect.  Share great content and set the expectation of how often you will be in touch before the person signs up so they know what to expect.

Do you empower your employees to be awesome?

Do you and your employees know the difference between being awesome and unawesome?


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An integrated marketing professional who generates insights from analytics to increase revenue. My blog for marketing now resides at www.insightsfromanalytics.com/blog. After getting requests from a number of people about my eating and exercise routine, I've decided to begin sharing about my healthy obsession with Chipotle and exercise.
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One Response to 12 Takeaways From The Business Book of Unawesome

  1. Frank Strong says:

    Funny thing, Chris, I just finished reading it too. Been on my stack for a while, so just settled down one night and slugged through.

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