13 Behavioral Interview Questions

Consumer insights on behavioral interview questions

After being laid off due to the poor Irish economy, I’m back in “job search” mode looking for my next opportunity.

At a recent networking meeting, the topic of behavioral interview questions was raised.

Given that I’ve just been through an interview that involved behavioral interview questions, I’m sharing the questions so that others may prepare for interviews with similar questions.

The key to answering any behavioral interview question is to think through your answer, like you are writing a case study, before you begin speaking: 1) describe the situation; 2) describe the action(s) you took; and, 3) describe the result(s).  For simplicity sake, I combine the situation and task from the STAR technique in the opening graphic.

Following are the questions I received:

Tell me about a time when you(r)  . . .

  • Facilitated change
  • Had to overcome problems or difficulties in a business situation
  • Core values were challenged
  • Had to manage conflict with a co-worker
  • Had to motivate others in a difficult a situation
  • Had to challenge established procedures/processes
  • Had to involve others in making a decision
  • Had to objectively consider others’ ideas
  • Were not able to handle a new task
  • Had the opportunity to coach others
  • Had to adjust to a company reorganization
  • Had to make a split-second decision
  • Had to describe how to position a product for sale

What other behavioral interview questions have you received from which others may benefit by knowing, and preparing for, in advance?


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