DirecTV Customer for Life? Not so much.


I’ve been a DirecTV customer since 1997.

I recently decided it was time to upgrade to high-definition.

I called DirecTV who suggested I upgrade my Internet access with AT&T’s Uverse at the same time I was upgrading to high-def television.

Uverse was installed on November 21 and DirecTV was scheduled to install high-definition on November 22.

On November 22, a DirecTV contractor came to our house, and without even getting on a ladder, said we had a “line of sight” problem and could not receive high-definition.  This after receiving a DirecTV signal, with relatively minor outages, for 15 years.  

The contractor came in and looked at the strength of our signal on our TV and was surprised but still said we couldn’t get high-def.

I called and e-mailed DirecTV asking them to explore any alternative, including me paying for the installation of a 100 foot pole to address the “line of sight” issues.

I was told that there was nothing DirecTV could do — no alternatives, no suggested solutions, not sending a DirecTV rep to look at our situation rather than a contractor.

Well there was something they could do, but they didn’t.

Even though they have an agreement with AT&T to sell their Uverse Internet service, not one person at DirecTV suggested exploring getting high-def TV through AT&T Uverse.

If you want to have a client for life, and you cannot fulfill the need of a client, it’s in your best interest to help them find a satisfactory alternative — even if it’s your competition.

Now, when I move, I’ll be calling AT&T about moving my Uverse account rather than DirecTV about a new account.

Be honest, open, transparent and helpful to your customers if you want to keep them for life.


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