Top 100 Loyalty Leaders for 2012

Consumer insights on top 100 loyalty leaders

Out of 598 brands in 83 categories, it was Apple, Amazon, Samsung, YouTube, and Twitter that topped the “Top 100 Loyalty Leaders List” survey for 2012, conducted by New York-based customer loyalty research firm Brand Keys.

In total, 21 new brands emerged in the 2012 loyalty leadership list, with
most of the new arrivals being associated with ‘social outreach’ – for example, tablet computers, smartphones, and social networks. .

“This is our 16th year aggregating the brand loyalty leaders, and it’s the first time we’ve seen such a seismic shift in loyalty leadership in terms of new categories and brands making their appearance in the top 100,” noted Brand Keys’ founder and president, Robert Passikoff.

“Brand loyalty has always been primarily driven by emotional engagement, and the rankings on this year’s list make it crystal clear that connection – that is, consumer engagement – is everything. This year certain categories rose to the top because of the high levels of engagement that consumers show, and what they deliver versus consumers’ expectations.”

The top-10 Brand Keys loyalty leaders for 2012 were:

  1. Apple: tablets;
  2. Amazon: tablets;
  3. Apple: smartphone;
  4. Amazon: on-line retail;
  5. Apple: computers;
  6. Samsung: tablets;
  7. Call of Duty: major league gaming;
  8. Samsung: cellphones;
  9. Halo: major league gaming;
  10. Twitter: social networks.

Some 23% of the top 100 brands are in the fields of consumer outreach and engagement via cellular and social networks – and of course the phones, smartphones, computers, and tablets needed for the instant gratification that consumer expectations demand.

What are you doing to increase customer engagement which will, in turn, increase loyalty?


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