6 Steps to Improve Customer Experience

Consumer insights on customer experience

Interesting webinar by Dave Capuano, vice president of marketing at Verint, and Megan Burns, principal analyst at Forrester entitled “Customer Experience Is A Marketing Asset.”

To me, delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX) is the predecessor to having outstanding customer satisfaction.  One cannot exist without the other.

A strong customer experience program will help your enterprise deliver an optimized experience that leads to satisfaction, trust and confidence.

According to Dave, there are five reasons companies should value CX:

  1. Drive revenue and shareholder value by selling on success, retaining customers and driving innovation based on customer feedback
  2. Create a better strategy by using feedback to provide definitive action and direction
  3. Reduce expenses by improving operational efficiency
  4. Target changes and markets more effectively by understanding opportunities, sentiments and priorities
  5. Build relationships that last by growing loyalty and retention

CX delivers customer delight.  It’s how customers perceive their interactions with a company.

Megan suggests companies need to move beyond “find and fix” by transforming their organizations to build a sustainable customer-centric culture.

She provides six steps for doing so:

  1. Strategy — have a clear description of the type of experience your firm will deliver to the customer
  2. Customer understanding — have a detailed understanding of your customers’ expectations and have a dialogue with them to understand what’s behind the analytics — customers can provide much more insight than data can
  3. Design — consciously design the service delivery process that generates a positive emotional response from the customer — customers are making decisions based on emotion
  4. Measurement — understand the effectiveness of customer experience efforts — the likelihood of making another purchase and recommending your product or service to family, friends and colleagues
  5. Governance — monitor, manage and proactively govern customer experience — it doesn’t happen without careful nurturing and management
  6. Culture — ultimately you must have shared beliefs and values across the organization to deliver an outstanding customer experience over time

There’s a lot of talk about CX but not a lot let action.  Few companies are funding it or evaluating employee performance based on CX.

It doesn’t matter what department owns CX.  What does matter is that everyone in the company is on board with the initiative, owns it and models it.

The department that owns CX must be “Switzerland.”  They must be unbiased change agents that have trust and respect throughout the organization and can accomplish change via influence rather than force.

Human interaction is never going away.  It’s critical that your customer-facing employees model and deliver the CX your company desires.  First impressions are everything and a make for a lost customer or a customer for life.

What customer experience initiatives are you pursuing in your company?


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3 Responses to 6 Steps to Improve Customer Experience

  1. e says:

    In your view, do most companies invest in a truly comprehensive marketing / customer contact strategy, or do most firms just start spending on advertising with no end game in mind?

    • ctsmithiii says:

      While I have a small sample size to observe, I would like to think that most companies certainly have an end game in mind when they begin marketing and advertising. However, very few have a true understanding of their customers’ and prospects’ needs and wants before developing and implementing a campaign. Likewise, very few companies view their marketing activities from the customers’ perspective.

  2. I agree that delivering outstanding customer experience is equivalent of outstanding customer satisfaction which in Helsinki Finland enhance more of it.Well thanks for all those steps they are really helpful.

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