6 Steps to Holistic Social Relationships

Consumer insights on holistic social relationships

Good white paper from Astute entitled, “Holistic Social Relationships: Breaking down social media silos and enabling a coordinated brand voice.”

Lesson #1: The majority of social media conversations aren’t relevant to the business, but those that are can be incredibly valuable. Finding those relevant conversations is critical.  Those that are not relevant to business can be a good way of building relationships and putting a human face on your company.

Lesson # 2: Social isn’t to be owned, it’s to be leveraged as an integral, vital and strategic business channel. Getting access to relevant information is important. Delivering it to key stakeholders is critical.  Strive to create relationships in social media.  Provide information of value.  Be a trusted source of information.

Lesson #3: It’s not enough to simply monitor the social universe. You must be able to find and act on critical issues in real-time and do so in a way that doesn’t dampen the bottom line.  Responsiveness is key.  The more timely the response the more trust you build.

Lesson #4: Consumers want to tell you more about what they like and don’t like. They’ll tell you in great detail about how they use your products and services. Make their feedback a strategic part of your organization and engage them further to understand the emotional connection they have with your products and services.

Lesson #5: Integration is important and the connecting of all parts of the organization to social systems is absolutely critical. Build a common platform based upon the needs of your service origination and you’ll find more flexibility and access to the most important information.  It is critical that everyone speaking for the firm in different social media channels are delivering a consistent message that is “on brand.”

Lesson #6: Collecting data is terrific, but look closely for actionable feedback from consumers AND act on it!  You will need to train your social media participants what is “actionable feedback” and why it’s important.  This is their opportunity, and you firm’s opportunity, to be “awesome!”

By empowering your employees to engage with customers on social media, you are putting a human face on your company.

To ensure you are delivering an integrated message, ensure your employees understand the vision, mission, values and strategic positioning of the firm and are able to articulate them in the appropriate manner via social media.

Have a “go to” person for any potentially problematic situations and get everyone participating in social media together on a regular basis to share what they are seeing and learning.

How are you leveraging social media in your organization?


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