8 Steps to Getting Leads from Social Media

Consumer insights on getting leading from social media

Good article in a recent edition of Marketing News by Christine Birkner entitled, “Getting Leads by Going Social.”

Fifty-nine percent of B2B marketers say that lead generation is their greatest online marketing challenge based on a February 2012 survey by BtoB magazine.

I know that’s my greatest overall marketing challenge, not just online.

Here are the eight tips for using social media to generate high-quality B2B leads:

  1. Plot your social map.  Segment your buyers and determine what social media channels they are using.  LinkedIn tends to be used for business and professional matters, while Facebook tends to be used for keeping up with family, friends and social events.
  2. Create content that prompts conversation.  Social media is about creating a dialogue.  You will be much better off using social media to build relationships than selling.  It’s doubtful you’ll sell anything to anyone with whom you have not developed a relationship.
  3. Match your message to your medium.  Companies that have blogs have 55% more Twitter followers because the blogs generate sharable content — information of value.
  4. Help readers share.  People don’t share content that has a lead-generation form.  If you want your information to be shared, make it easy to do so without filling out forms.
  5. Stay engaged.  Provide content of value on an ongoing basis and work to create trust and a dialogue with prospects.  The faster your respond, the more responsive the prospect will know you and your company will be.  The more empowered your employees are to respond, the more they will be able to make a positive impression on the composition of your firm.
  6. Track your leads.  Enter all of your leads into your CRM and make sure your sales team knows how to access that data so they are better informed when making a call on a prospect.
  7. Save the hard sell for later.  People who are successful getting leads through social media do it by engaging customers with great content — not a pitch of offer.
  8. Look beyond the qualified leads.  Even people who are not qualified are valuable in that they will share your content and bring more people who my be qualified to you.  Also, today’s unqualified lead may become a qualified lead tomorrow, next week or next month.

What are you doing to get more leads from social media?

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