Progressive Business Publications Gives Marketing a Bad Name

Consumer insights on Progressive Business Publications' poor business practices

I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with Progressive Business Publications (PBP) for the  past 20 years.

In the age of social media, it’s time for this company to either change how they do business or go away.

Their methodology is destructive, not progressive.  And it hurts the reputation of marketing.

PBP uses telemarketing to get managers on the phone to promote their largely useless newsletters under the pretense that you will receive X free issues, which they’re sure you’ll like, and then they begin billing you.

If you don’t find value in their newsletters, just write “cancel” on the bill.

I did that for probably a dozen different newsletters causing inconvenience and wasting time for accounting and office managers each time, not to mention the postage for sending back the “cancelled” subscription.

I recently received a call from them and told the telemarketer I was NOT interested in access to their website nor was I interested in receiving any free newsletters.

Guess what?  I just got the newsletter and a bill for $299.

I checked out the BBB in Malvern, PA and PBP has an “F” rating.

Based on what I learned in my search for more about the company, and their business practices, if you just chuck their mail in the garbage, you will be called by a collection agency to collect on the unpaid invoice.

Ultimately I visited their website and found a number to call.  Unfortunately, while they have real people making outbound calls, inbound calls are handles by an IVR.

Supposedly I will receive an email confirming my cancellation.  I haven’t received one yet.

PBP is the antithesis of a company that is looking to build relationships with prospects and customers with forthright marketing and transparency.

Have you ever had to deal with Progressive Business Publications?

How do you respond to unethical business practices?


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