7 Acts of Content Curation

Consumer insights on content curation

Interesting presentation by Pawan Deshpande, founder and CEO of Curata.

Pawan makes the argument that with the all of the content being created today, that content creators are not as valuable as content curators — someone who can gather and distill what is relevant for their audience.

Here are the seven acts of content curators:

  1.  Bundle, put together logical collections of relevant information.
  2. Arrange and reorder things so they make more sense or make a more compelling point or story.
  3. Distribute curated collections via social media channels.
  4. Have a voice and a consistent point-of-view.
  5. Separate signals (information of value) from noise thereby reducing clutter and increasing relevance.
  6. Invite and welcome participation.  Promote a discussion or dialogue.
  7. Are all about the mix (tweets, videos, blog posts) that create a vibrant collection of material.

Best practices for content curators:

  1. Define quality for your members.
  2. Relevant content is key.
  3. Well curated sites tell a story and a story is more memorable than statistics, features and benefits.
  4. Have a theme and embrace it.

The world needs thoughtful filters.  Content curation enables humans to replace algorithms.

Successful curators have a voice and a passion for their topic.

Choose your digital clothing — endorsements, likes, retweets and posts.

Listening is more powerful than speaking — gather, organize and filter good, relevant content.

In a hungry world, readers are hungry for clarity and brevity.

So what are your thoughts on content creation versus content curation?


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An integrated marketing professional who generates insights from analytics to increase revenue. My blog for marketing now resides at www.insightsfromanalytics.com/blog. After getting requests from a number of people about my eating and exercise routine, I've decided to begin sharing about my healthy obsession with Chipotle and exercise.
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6 Responses to 7 Acts of Content Curation

  1. Robin Good says:

    They look like SIX to me, not SEVEN. (Is what is listed at number 7 an “act”. It looks to me as a conclusion).

    • ctsmithiii says:

      Robin, valid point. It should probably read, “Diversify distribution of content using a variety of channels (e.g., blogs, tweets and videos) to create a vibrant collection of material.”

  2. Radek Szłyk says:

    I especially like the idea of creating a vibrant mixture of different media, because I rarely see it used with many content curators. I think that one of the greatest advantages of curation, apart from adding your own voice to the discussion is collecting materails from sources that differ not only in source and opinion but also in a way the information is presented, be it a video, infographics or some other method.

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