The 5 Things Customers Really Want

Consumer insights on what your customers really want

Great webinar presented by T. Scott Gross, entitled “The New Realities of Retail: What Your Customers Really Want.”

Much of Scott’s presentation was based on how millennials’ demands are changing the retail environment.

Millennials want:

  • Instant feedback — and a lot of it
  • A clearly defined deal — they don’t trust the seller
  • Customization — they are unique, they want something that is unique to them
  • Work-life balance
  • Access to the top — the senior people of your organization
  • A lot of time and service before you earn their loyalty

As such:

  • Sales people are no longer sales people, they are sales associates
  • 70% of employees are not in the right job
  • Leadership is uncertain about how to manage and please this new generation
  • Antagonistic systems are in place that frustrate the sales associate and the customer

High-performance teams, that today may include four, or even five, generations need:

  • Skin in the game — compensation tied to performance
  • A cause to work for that’s greater than themselves
  • Freedom of choice — to do the job how they want
  • A visible score that changes frequently (see “instant feedback” above)

The five things customers today really want are:

  1. Knowledgeable/available staff that: speaks the language of the customer; knows you; can predict your needs; leaves you alone when it’s appropriate and is there when you need them; protects you from yourself; tells it to you straight; and, shares secrets.
  2. Likable staff that: makes you feel good about yourself and your environment; are friends rather than adversaries; engage in a dialogue with you.
  3. Price that represents value — make the value tangible; make it real; make it personal and customized for the individual.
  4. Easy and convenient — easy to park; easy to pay; values your time; easy to maneuver in and out of the store.
  5. Fast finish — know the difference between buying mood and leaving mood; no last-minute sales (e.g., extended warranties).

What do you see your customers really wanting?


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