Customer Experience Comes Before Referrals

Consumer insights on customer experience before referrals

Good article in a recent edition of Marketing News on Sungevity Solar Home Specialists and their marketing strategy.

Sungevity is a five year-old provider of solar energy to the residential market.

Last year they hired Patrick Crane, the former marketing chief at LinkedIn, as CMO.

Patrick revamped the traditional integrated marketing mix of Google AdWords, display advertising, direct mail and radio and added social media, specifically the social network.

Crane’s goal was to drive business leads via referral marketing.  In 2010, 15% of the company’s growth came from referrals.  In 2011, that number moved to 25% and is trending above 30% for 2012.

“While word of mouth is the end goal, the marketing strategy has to start with customer experience.  Create a fantastic customer experience and measure to make sure you’re staying fantastic.”

Only by delivering an outstanding customer experience will you motivate customers to want to tell their friends and neighbors about you, your product and the outstanding service you delivered.

Sungevity uses Net Promoter Score to ensure they’re providing an outstanding customer experience that customers will want to share.  Apple, a market leader, has an NPS of 72 — Sungevity’s score is 80.

This is accomplished by creating a culture obsessed with customer experience.  There are two main drivers Sungevity has identified for delivering an outstanding customer experience: 1) “Is it happening fast enough?” and 2) “Do I feel communicated with?”

What are the main drivers for delivering an outstanding customer experience for your customers?

Are you meeting those needs before asking for referrals?


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