12 Steps to Building a Customer-Centric Culture

Consumer insights on building a customer centric culture

Great white paper from Forrester, “How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture.”

According to Forrester, a customer-centric culture is “a system of shared values and behaviors that focus employee activity on improving the customer experience.”

Following are 12 steps to build a customer-centric culture:

  1. Hire people with aligned values.
  2. Align recruitment criteria with customer-centric values.
  3. Empower employees to find like-minded people.
  4. Tune the selection process to test for desired results.  Zappos offers new hires up to $3,000 to quit following the four-week training period.
  5. Provide guideposts with onboarding and training.  Companies who fail to have a onboarding program are doomed to having a misaligned employee base.
  6. Create an emotional connection with storytelling.  Ritz-Carlton has a daily line-up at all properties which includes a “wow” story during which “ladies and gentlemen” (staff) share great things they’ve done for guests.
  7. Reinforce day-to-day activities with routines and rituals.  At Disney, “cast members” (employees) are expected to take five minutes from their normal daily duties to do something special for guests.
  8. Recognize and celebrate personal achievement.  Starbucks encourages personal recognition with MUG awards which partners give to employees as a thank you for “moves of uncommon greatness.”
  9. Compensate and promote based on customer-centric metrics.  Mercedes-Benz is now evaluating dealerships on customer satisfaction measures as well as sales.
  10. Hire, socialize and reward process mavens.  Fixing internal processes to reduce problems that lead to increased call volume and line in retail branches.
  11. Tie rewards for product and service innovation to customer metrics.  Intuit attaches a Net Promoter Score to each new product release.
  12. Develop support systems for a culture of empathy.

When is the last time you publicly recognized an employee for providing an exemplary customer experience?


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