Have a Dialogue With Prospects

Consumer insights on having a dialogue with prospects

I recently had to get five 2′ x 2′ “No Trespassing, Violators Will Be Prosecuted” signs for my workplace at the request of the Greensboro Police Department.

These signs are not cheap.  As such, I ended up quoting three sources, two internet and one local business from whom we’ve purchased signs in the past.  I requested the quote from my local vendor online sending her a PDF of the sign I needed.

One of the national internet sign companies came in at $250 for five signs.  The local sign company came in at $330.  I went ahead and bought from the internet supplier even though it would take longer to get the signs.

After I had bought the signs and told the local vendor she was $80 more expensive, she writes me an email back, “I would make sure you are getting 080 gauge aluminum and premium vinyl so you get the heavy-duty material.  I can quote you 040 gauge if you want me to.”

As an old commercial once said, “you’re years too late.”

I have no idea what the difference is in the quality of “No Trespassing” signs.  I would have preferred to buy from my local vendor and would have if her price was competitive with the internet supplier.

Unfortunately, she didn’t pick up the phone and have a dialogue with me.  I’m sure the 040 gauge is less expensive than the 080 gauge and the gauge of the aluminum is not very meaningful to me.

Do you have a dialogue with your prospects before you send them a quote?

Personal relationships are how local brick-and-mortar can combat internet providers.


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