6 Ways to Ensure Management and Employees are Aligned

Consumer insights on internal communications

How do you know if your management team and employees are in alignment, fully understand and translate in the same way, your company’s vision, mission, values and strategic positioning?

Are the sales reps in Des Moines telling the same company stories as the sales reps in Baltimore?  They need to be because you never know when your clients in Baltimore may be talking to your prospects in Des Moines about you and your company.  Vertical industries can be small and insular — I know, I’ve worked in several.

In the age of social media, consistency of message is critical and can be ensured if your employees are empowered and well-informed.

So how can you tell if everyone is on the same page?  Ask them.

Following are six ways David Grossman, president of The Grossman Group, suggests promoting a dialogue with your employees:

  • Ensure you have regularly scheduled opportunities to dialogue with your work group, in smaller teams, and with individuals.
  • Engage people openly and fully by asking open-ended questions: “What do you think?” “How do you react to that?”
  • Listen to what employees have to say and paraphrase to ensure you understand their comment.
  • Listen for various points of view and encourage others to express them: “The fact that you and I disagree on an issue is a good thing.”
  • Listen more than you talk if you want to know what’s in your people’s heads.
  • When asking for input, be prepared to act on it. Otherwise, employees will be less likely to give you input in the future.

It’s important to know where there is alignment so it can be reinforced and even more important to know where there’s misalignment so that it can be corrected.

Having worked with a number of firms over the course of my career, I have been unpleasantly surprised by the misalignment, in the just the management team, of the vision, mission and values of the firm.

What are you doing to ensure that everyone on your team is aligned?


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