Zumba Fitness’ Brand Trifecta

Consumer insights on the Zumba fitness brand

Great presentation by Jeffrey Perlman, CMO of Zumba Fitness, at the Millennial Mega Mashup today.

While I’ve seen Zumba classes at both of the gyms I visit, I was not aware of the powerful story behind this brand, nor the inclusive nature of the classes.

Jeffrey did a great job of telling how Beto developed the concept of Zumba and introduced it in the U.S.

It’s truly an inspiring story of someone finding their destiny and making it happen in the U.S.

What impressed me most was when Jeffrey told how Beto, and other Zumba instructors, engaged participants in the back of the room.  The wisdom of engaging all of your consumers, even those that may be a little more shy, reserved and less talented tells a great deal about how this brand and movement has successfully grown over the last six years.

Unlike Les Mills, and other branded workout programs, Zumba does not sell the rights to its programs to gyms and fitness centers, they sell licenses to instructors.  They realize instructors, and the participants, are a more powerful and, human face of the brand, versus a corporation.

Based on my experience, that’s a great decision since fitness corporations are not very good at customer satisfaction, customer retention or concerned about delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Zumba positions itself as the “anti-fitness” brand that promotes “FEJ” (freeing, electrifying, joy).

They do this with following brand trifecta:

  1. Emotion — “FEJ,” connection
  2. Physical — sexy, fitness
  3. Social — self-expression, belonging and community

Zumba now has a successful line of clothing that participants customize, dvd’s, as well as licensed instructors that are as well know as Beto.

One might think that instructors would be concerned with competition from the dvd’s, however, they serve as an awareness and lead generation tool because the sense of community and belonging in a class is so strong.

It even has participants tattooing the Zumba logo on their body.  A powerful example of “raving fans” making an “emotional connection” with a brand.

I’m not sure this 50+ year-old guy, with no rhythm, will have the audacity to try a Zumba class.  However, I am glad I know the story and the wisdom the Zumba team has to realize that the people who participate in their fitness classes truly exemplify the Zumba brand.

Have you tried Zumba?

What do you think of the brand and how it has been extended?

What do you do to engage your customers and prospects “in the back of the room?”


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