Listen to Your Customers Or Risk Losing Their Business

Consumer insights on listening to your customers

Reiman Publications doesn’t get it and they are doomed to fail.  I wrote them, and a blog post, a couple of years ago about the importance of listening to your customers.

I just received another “expiration notice” for the subscription to Reminisce that I bought my uncle several years ago.   I received the renewal notice on 4/20/12 after sending them a check on 2/12/12.

Enough.  I tell Reiman to continue to provide a gift subscription of Reminisce to my mother and uncle until I say stop.  You’re not able to do that?  You’re turning down an annuity?

I try to renew online so I don’t have to write a check — it’s 18% more expensive to do so.

I give up.  You don’t listen.  You don’t make it easy for me to do business with you.

You’re wasting your money, sending me confusing and unnecessary snail mail, and my time.

You exemplify why print is being supplanted by digital.

Anyone else out there have an experience with a service or product provider who just “doesn’t get it?”


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