8 Benefits of Stellar CRM Implementation and Adoption

Consumer insights on CRM implementation and adoption

Great case study from Zero2Ten on the benefits of a successful CRM implementation.

This case came to light when I was discussing my difficulty in increasing user adoption of our CRM system one year after implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Downtown Decorations is a Syracuse, N.Y.-based firm that designs, installs and maintains holiday decorations for municipalities and commercial entities.  Like us, they recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM with some very impressive results:

  • Conversion of new incoming leads from all channels increased 67%
  • Conversion of leads procured by account executives increased 37%
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) “Promoters” increased by 48%
  • NPS “Detractors” decreased by 50%
  • Overall NPS went up 64%
  • Complaints in reference to not receiving follow-up communication fell by 90%
  • Outbound prospecting calls increased by 40%
  • Outbound prospecting emails increased by 94%

Account executives were able to focus more of their efforts on demand creation and lead generation thanks to spending less time generating lists of the best qualified prospects.

Kudos to Downtown Decorations for having their pre-CRM KPIs documented.  I came into a firm using 47 different Excel spreadsheets and no CRM-related KPIs.

We are now better able to see and manage our sales funnel.  However, ultimately the success of the CRM system will involve the adoption by everyone in our small firm, realizing they are all responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the data and entering all communications so we can monitor, measure and improve our processes.

What have you done to increase user adoption of your CRM to improve sales and customer satisfaction?


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