Top 10 Simple Brands

Consumer insights on brand simplicity

Siegel+Gale just published their 2011 Global Brand Simplicity Index.

Their study was based on a survey of more than 6,000 people in seven countries across three continents uncovering respondents’ perceptions of numerous brands.

The findings demonstrate consumers’ demand for simpler communications and experiences across industries and around the globe.

The study also:

  • Pinpoints the impact of technology on simplicity
  • Highlights the advantage of making products and services accessible for human interaction
  • Reveals the monetary rewards for brands that prove themselves simplicity winners

Siegel+Gale use the following definition of simplicity for its study:

  • Ease of understanding
  • Transparency
  • Caring
  • Innovation
  • Complexity of typical interactions in relation to industry peers

The top 10 brands with their brand simplicity index:

  1. Netflix = 910
  2. Google = 875
  3. Amazon = 849
  4. Target = 817
  5. Publix = 814
  6. UPS = 808
  7. Subway = 804
  8. McDonald’s = 788
  9. Whole Foods Market = 787
  10. Pizza Hut = 772

Several of these companies are leaders in providing high levels of customer satisfaction and remind me of the Albert Einstein quote, “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

It would seem we would all be serving our customers well if we did this with our products and services.

What are you doing, or can you do, to simplify your brand, your product, your service?


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