Customer-Facing Employees Are Your Brand

Consumer insights on outstanding customer service

I’m not a frequent flyer.  I might take six to eight flights a year.  When I have a choice, I fly American because I’ve always had a good experience with them over the past 30 years and my dad used to fly 100,000 miles a year with them.

I’ve been surprised to see them ranked so low in customer satisfaction ratings.  However, as I said, I’m not a frequent flyer let alone a “road warrior.”

I just returned from my annual trip to the Final Four and was on AA flight 820 from MIA to RDU (yes, I had to fly from NOLA to MIA to get to RDU).

A lady in front of me was experiencing some discomfort, feeling faint or low blood pressure, nothing major I later found out.

The care, concern and compassion by one flight attendant, Angell Marie Keenan, blew me away and made American Airlines tops in providing outstanding customer service in my book.

One person showing true caring and compassion to one customer.  That’s ultimately what customer service and an outstanding customer experience is about.

I’m sure American Airlines, and all other airlines, provide significant training for their flight attendants, just like doctors go to med school,  However, the attitude of the person when they’re interacting with the customer, or the prospect, is everything.

If you are investing in and empowering your employees, please share this story with them.

Ritz Carlton is famous for providing over-the-top customer service.  Yesterday, American Airlines provided that level of service in one customer’s eyes due to the actions of a single flight attendant.

It was very powerful scene and reinforces the importance of customer-facing employees showing care and compassion for the customer — a classic “moment of truth.”

What are you doing to instill this in your employees?

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