5 Levels of Online Engagement

Consumer insights on online engagement

The following is from Katie Paine, CEO of KDPaine & Partners.

Katie classifies information consumers into five levels of engagement based on how they interact with online channels:

  1. Searchers are the most passive.  They scan online resources to find specific information and largely ignore social media.  A count of unique visitors is the best way to capture this silent group.
  2. Lurkers listen in on the conversation but don’t participate.  These users can be tracked as repeat visitors above a certain frequency (i.e., three to five visits per month).
  3. Casuals are somewhat more engaged and participate lightly in social media.  They might be identified through metrics such as percent of visitors who post comments or who become your friend on Facebook or your follower on Twitter.
  4. Actives are higher on the value chain.  They retweet to others, regularly participate in interactive threads and post comments frequently.
  5. Defenders are those that serve as your most influential ambassadors — advocating, recommending and defending the brand.

Today’s smart marketers are looking to enhance customers’ level of engagement so they will become defenders and promoters of the brand.

In order to do this, you must provide a “wow” product or experience that customers want to share with their friends.

What are you doing to enhance your customers’ level of online engagement?

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