Top NPS Companies for 2012

Consumer insights on customer satisfaction

Satmetrix, the Net Promoter software company, just released its 2012 Benchmark Study.

The study is based feedback from 30,000 U.S. customers for more than 200 brands across 22 industry sectors.

The leading companies, and their corresponding Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are:

  1. USAA = 83%
  2. Amazon = 76%
  3. Trader Joe’s = 73%
  4. Wegmans = 73%
  5. Apple = 71%
  6. Costco = 71%
  7. Virgin America = 66%
  8. Nordstrom = 66%
  9. Belk = 66%

We just instituted NPS to measure customer satisfaction at my company and we got a 50.

The way NPS is calculated is customers are asked on a scale of 0 to 10 the likelihood of them recommending you to a friend, family member or colleague.  A score of “9” or “10” is considered a “promoter.”  A score of “7” or “8” is considered “passive.” While a score of “6” or lower is considered a detractor.  NPS is the percentage of promoters less the percentage of detractors.  As such, you can end up with some very low scores.

Seven banks had negative NPS scores.  The health insurance industry average is 4%.

NPS is not a “silver bullet” but it is a great way to get some quick feedback from customers, get employees focused on delivering outstanding customer service and starting a  dialogue with those customers who are detractors.

What do you use to measure customer satisfaction in your business?

Regardless of what you hear from your customers, don’t forget to tell them “thank you.”  Without their feedback, you have no clue what they’re thinking.


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