5 Drivers of Employee Engagement

Consumer insights on employee engagement

HR Solutions has just published a study on employee engagement and found it has increased to 29% in 2011 versus 27% in 2010.

Kevin Sheridan, senior vice president of human-resource optimization for HR Solutions, and author of the book Building a Magnetic Culture, indicates that recognition is still the most important driver of employee engagement; however, managers and companies are very poor at providing recognition or thanking their employees.

Here are the top five drivers based on the research:

  1. Recognition
  2. Career development
  3. Relationship with supervisor
  4. Involvement in company strategy and mission
  5. Content of the job

Employees will care about their job and the company the more they know you care about them.

You can show them you care by:

  • Getting to know them as individuals
  • Getting to know their needs, wants and aspirations
  • Finding out what you can do to help them do a better job
  • Getting their thoughts on how you can improve your products and services for your customers

How are you improving employee engagement in your company?


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