Feedback = Greatest Source of Learning

Great post from the Cvent Survey enews:

Feedback is our Greatest Source of Learning

by Sherrie Mersdorf

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest
source of learning.— Bill Gates
Many organizations avoid collecting feedback from customers because they’re afraid of negative comments. It’s an understandable concern. Not all feedback will be positive, and we have a tendency take negative comments personally. How could we not? A lot of us (myself included) are very passionate about what we do and work very hard. Often negative feedback can feel like an attack on our deliverables! It makes us feel uncomfortable, and who willingly goes into a project they know will be “uncomfortable”?In October, there’s a day dedicated to Facing our Fears. I urged people to face their Feedback Fears and gave four tips on how to be successful. But this quote from Bill Gates reminded me of a more basic solution to this fear of feedback: Reframing the purpose of collecting feedback from customers in the first place! It’s a mistake to think of a customer satisfaction survey as simply a checkup to make sure the organization is still doing well. As Bill points out, it’s our chance to gain deep insights and learn how we could win more business, retain more customers, and ultimately become the market leader in our space.

Start by asking yourself, What would I like to learn about my customers today? Is the social networking sites they use the most? Is it whether they would like our application to be mobile friendly? What do they require in a mobile app so they would use it? Do they always call about the same issue? Whatever you decide your question is, that’s going to be the goal of your study. When you start analyzing feedback, remember to reframe negative feedback into a positive by reminding yourself that their feedback will help you be better, win more business and continue to grow!

Regardless of what feedback you receive, make sure to say “thank you.”

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