6 Ways to Enhance Your Content Marketing

Consumer insights on content marketing

Excellent webinar by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

Content marketing continues to grow with 90% of marketers are now using some form of content marketing.

Marketers are now realizing they are publishers and are beginning to think like publisher.  Non-media companies are hiring journalists to produce content on their behalf.

Consumers are also looking for more content.  In 2010, consumers used an average of 5.27 sources before making a purchase.  In 2011, the number of sources nearly doubled to 10.4.

The average marketer spends 26% of their budget on content marketing in the following ways:

  • Articles = 79%
  • Social media = 74%
  • Blogs = 65%
  • E-newsletters = 63%
  • Case studies = 58%
  • In-person events = 56%
  • Videos = 52%
  • White papers = 51%
  • Webinars = 46%
  • Microsites = 31%

Following is the percent of marketers using each channel:

  • Twitter = 74%
  • LinkedIn = 71%
  • Facebook = 70%
  • YouTube = 56%
  • Slideshare = 20%
  • Google+ = 13% and is growing more rapidly than any of the previous channels did

So how can you enhance you content marketing efforts:

  1. Focus on niches and personas.  Don’t be too broad.  The tighter the niche, the more relevant you can make your content.
  2. Define a term and flood with great content.  Citrix GoToWebinar did this with “workshifting” and now gets two million results for the term on Google.  Joe Pulizzi did the same thing with “content marketing.”
  3. 10:1 content . . . reimagine how you can leverage content.  Think in terms of stories.  Make the content interesting and deliverable.  Think about what the content can be both before and after publication.   Create killer content with white papers, ebooks and lists.
  4. Dominate a category with content marketing and social media.  Find a customer pain point.  Use Google’s keyword tool to find what people are searching for.  Use Google Trends to identify trends.  Use Google Alerts to listen for and share relevant content, listen for story ideas and build your influencer list.  Listen with Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.  Look for frequently asked questions and provide the answers in blog posts.  The less you talk about yourself the better.
  5. Think social media 4-1-1.  Share other peoples’ content four times, your’s once and a promotion once.  Tag people in Facebook when you’ve shred their content.  Have all share buttons on your post (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn).  Get your community involved by asking them to create content you can share on their behalf.
  6. Think like a publisher.  Choose a niche and become the leading expert in the world.  Develop and share the best multi-channel content.  Remove yourself from the story and it will travel further.

What are you doing to enhance your content marketing?


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