10+ Keys to Excellent Landing Pages

Consumer insights on landing pages

Thanks to Ion Interactive for the following reminders for 10-point checklist for effective landing pages.

How many times have you clicked on a link only to be taken somewhere unexpected, inconsistent with the previous page and so unfocused you don’t know where to go to get what you were looking for?

Here are 10 fundamentals we need to be thinking about:

  1. Message match.  Your landing page design and copy should mirror the word and phrases in your email, ad or promotion.  Make sure what the visitor clicked to receive is prominently displayed on the page.
  2. Relevant.  Just because everything matches doesn’t mean it’s relevant.  Make sure your page is relevant to what you offered and consistent with your call to action.
  3. Valuable.  Is the value proposition of your offer clear?  The role of the landing page is to sell what you are providing.  Make sure you tell visitors why they should continue to sign up for your offer.
  4. Above the fold.  Make sure your most valuable content, and the offer, is in the screen without having to scroll.  You can have more details below the fold, but the most critical information needs to be high on the page/screen.
  5. Scannable.  This is true of everything you write, not just landing pages.  Make it easy to scan and read to get the overall message.  Keep sentences and paragraphs short.  Use bulleted lists.
  6. Visually actionable.  At a quick glance it should be very clear what action you want the visitor to take.  Compel the visitor toward the desired action.
  7. Minimize distraction.  White space is good.  Eliminate unnecessary words, graphics and links.  Every element on the page should drive conversion.
  8. Easy to convert.  Make sure your conversion is clear and easy to act on.  Eliminate hurdles between the click and conversion.
  9. Feels good and consistent.  This is subjective and important — ask others their opinion. Landing page visitors want consistent, rewarding experiences.
  10. Tested and optimized.  Landing pages are a great place to test copy, images, offers, layouts, forms.  Without testing, you are leaving conversions on the table.

Lastly, my personal key, ask for as little information as necessary.  The more information you ask for the lower your conversion rate.  Do you really need more than name and email?  Ask for more the next time you engage.  If the prospect is interested they’ll let you know more.

What are your keys to excellent landing pages?



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