19 Futuristic Shopping Experiences

Consumer insights on omnichannel retail

The following is from a webinar by Darrell Rigby on Omnichannel Retail: Delivering on Customer Expectations.

Based on a business plan I just completed for a couple of forward-thinking millenials, these  shopping experiences are either already occurring or will within the next couple of years:

  1. Shopping for products in a subway store and having them delivered within hours.
  2. Creating digital store exteriors that create greater excitement and generate more traffic.
  3. Equipping a sales associate with every customer’s history and preferences when a customer walks in the door.  Ritz Carlton is already doing this with customers’ preferences.
  4. Having a “magic mirror,” in store or home, that shows customers how something will look on them.
  5. Virtually remodeling a home before making purchase decisions.
  6. Using digital mannequins, or avatars, to increase conversation rates by changing based on trends, weather or customers.
  7. Harmonizing store displays to provide greater product information and choice with less inventory.
  8. Using digital signage to provide product information and call for a specialist when needed.
  9. Resolving any customer questions through a digitally assisted concierge desk.
  10. Being able to access a remote sales specialist at the touch of a button.
  11. Creating computers with artificial intelligence and natural language abilities that outperform average sales associates.
  12. Enabling customers to scan an item and receive ideas on how to combine it with other items (a.k.a., “smart up-sell and cross-sell).
  13. Allowing customers to see an item, take a picture of it and find out where they can purchase the item at what cost.
  14. Equipping vendors to bypass retailers and sell directly to customers.  I’m already buying Nature’s Path cereal by the case online versus buying from Whole Foods.
  15. Providing retailers with data on personal preferences and sizes to receive customized recommendations.
  16. Having robots try on and test products.
  17. Engaging consumers to vote on the products that a local store should carry.
  18. Allowing customers to receive real-time offers during the shopping process for relevant items.
  19. Creating small stores that serve as product showrooms.

Which of these shopping experiences have you already seen?

Which ones can you see yourself or your firm using to enhance the customer experience?


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