8 Steps To Improve Email Performance

Consumer insights to improve email performance

Great webinar by Nello Franco of Lyris entitled, “Boost Email Relevance: 8 Steps That Drive Results.”

The average person receives 75 to 100 emails a day.  44% triage email on their smart phone.  People move through their in boxes quickly evaluating each email based on needs and wants.  We have short attention spans, as such, relevance is key.

Following are Nello’s eight suggestions for making your email more relevant and subsequently more effective:

  1. Leverage short-burst communication.  Make sure your message is focused and concise, you have five seconds to get someone’s attention.  More is not better, state your benefit up front, preferably “above the fold,” make your call-to-action obvious and accessible.  Be compelling, easily consumed, easily shared, easily actionable.  Use targeted landing pages relevant to your offer or message.
  2. Develop compelling content and subject line.  Define your internal campaign goals.  Have clear value propositions.  Deliver personal value.  Create a three-month content road map.  Mention key information first.  Write to your reader.  Leverage pre-headers — the first 70 characters of your message — since these may show up in preview panes.  Make subject lines a priority — be focused, be compelling, be urgent, optimize for the priority inbox.
  3. Use subscriber information.  Create customer profiles using demographics, preferences and behavioral characteristics.  Track behavioral data — most trafficked, most clicked, most downloads.  Key up with subscriber reported data — age, location, interests, marital status, children, purchase cycle, mailing lists.  Set up trigger campaigns based on subscriber actions, events, website updates and web analytics.
  4. Personalize.  Builds trust.  Differentiates legitimate email from spam.  Increases campaign efficiency by 30%.  Use “friendly” from names with which the recipient will be familiar.  Avoid missing or mixed up fields — this will destroy the positive effects of personalization.
  5. Segment.  Know who you best customers are.  Know what appeals to them.  Know their pain points.  Segmented email campaigns get 30% more click-throughs and 50% more opens.
  6. Test.  Subject lines, offers, challenger versus champion, creative elements, personalization versus no personalization.
  7. Use social media.  To gain deeper consumer insights.  Better engagement will lead to improved messaging.  Tap into social behavior to shape future content — needs/wants and topics.  Know what’s being said about your brand.
  8. Mobile.  Five billion users worldwide and growing.  44% U.S. smart phone penetration.  45% of mobile web use is spent checking email.  As such, show up in the right place, at the right time on the right platform.  Include mobile version links and mobile landing pages.  Be even more concise.  Leverage pre-headers.  Remove images.  Test for every platform.  Target  subscribers based on location.  Market location-specific offers.  Engage subscribers in real-time.

To be more relevant, know more about your customers and prospects.

What steps are you taking to improve the performance of your email marketing efforts?


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