Bank of America Core Values?

Consumer insights on how Bank of America treats customers

Apparently not integrity, transparency or the right to free speech.

A recent article in Businessweek, “Bank of America Settlements Impede Fraud Probe, Arizona Says”  indicates that B of A is refinancing mortgages for 40 years at 2% if the homeowner agrees to “remove and delete any online statements regarding this dispute, including, without limitation, postings on Facebook, Twitter and similar websites,” and to refrain from making statements “that defame, disparage or in any way criticize” Bank of America.

This reinforces Bank of America’s low customer satisfaction/service ratings and tells me they have no interest whatsoever in improving those ratings.  Instead they appear to want to silence their customers.

In the age of social media, it will be interesting how long this type of treatment is tolerated.  I would think Bank of America’s P.R. department needs to ready a response to this move.

What are your thoughts on giving customers incentives to not complain about poor treatment in social media?


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