5 Ways to Improve Marketing Performance

Consumer insights on marketing to consumers

Interesting presentation by Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, on “Marketing to Your Customer’s Brain.”

Roger’s premise is that traditional marketing doesn’t work and that you need to get into the subconscious mind of your customer to understand what will and will not work with regards to marketing.

He uses the following statistics to affirm his premise:

  • 95% of new products fail
  • 98% of direct mail fails to generate a response
  • 98% of email doesn’t generate any click-throughs
  • 20% of ad campaigns fail to provide any brand “lift”
  • 20% of ad campaigns actually hurt brand perceptions

Consistent with what I previously posted about neuromarketing, Roger notes that 95% of decision making activity takes place subconsciously, hence the need for neuromarketing.  Roger reviews several different methodologies for neuromarketing, none of which “read minds,” “yield ‘super ads'” or convince people to buy a product or service irrationally.

Roger’s five keys for improving your marketing that he shared in this presentation are:

  1. Social conversations lead to more “win/win” deals.  To get a “win/win” deal done, socialize first, build trust, then talk business.
  2. Avoid money images and discussion if asking for help.  People are more willing to be helpful with small favors out of the good of their heart rather than being paid.
  3. Add a less desirable alternative to boost the price of a similarly priced product or service.  Increase the value perception of the product you are selling with alternatives that may not be as good a value.
  4. Add a higher priced product to boost the sales of a less costly product.  The higher priced product may make the less costly product seem like a better value.
  5. Use simple fonts — they’re easier to read, minimize the effort required on the part of the consumer.

All of these are testable propositions and in an ideal world you should always be testing; however, the five ideas provide a starting point.

What tactics do you use to improve marketing performance?


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