6 Levels of Social Media Engagement

Consumer insights on the six levels of social media engagement

Great white paper from Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs and John Bastone of SAS entitled, “Acting on Customer Intelligence From Social Media.”

In it, John presents research that stratifies users according to how actively they use social media and tracks the evolution of these user segments over time using the annual North American Technographics Marketing Online Survey.

Here are the six levels of engagement:

  1. Creators publish a blog or web page, upload audio/music and video of their own creation and post articles and stories they have written.
  2. Critics post ratings and reviews of products or services and comment on others’ blogs.
  3. Joiners participate in online forums and contribute to, or edit, articles in a wiki.
  4. Collectors use RSS feeds, vote in online contests and websites, add tags to web pages or photos and click “like” Facebook entries.
  5. Spectators read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch video from other users, read online forums as well as customer ratings/reviews.
  6. Inactives do none of the above.

According to the survey, the online user community has been steadily migrating up the hierarchy.  I know that is true with my own use.

The most notable change is among inactives.  Forty-for percent of the online population fell into this category in 2007.  Two years later more than half of those inactives had jumped into social media.

Now 82 percent of the adult population online is active in some form or another.

Do you know into which category most of your customers fall?


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