10 Happiest Companies for 2012

Consumer insights on happiest companies

CareerBliss unveiled the 50 happiest companies for 2012 based on nearly 100,000 employee-generated company reviews.

CareerBliss data evaluates company reviews for the key factors which affect work happiness:

  • Work-life balance
  • Relationship with boss and co-workers
  • Work environment
  • Job resources
  • Compensation
  • Growth opportunities
  • Company culture
  • Company reputation
  • Daily tasks
  • Job control over the work done on a daily basis

This is consistent with what Tony Hsieh shared in Delivering Happiness.

Following are the top 10 companies, their Bliss rating and average salary:

  1. Hilton Worldwide; 4.360; $57,970
  2. Fluor; 4.238; $87,589
  3. Johnson & Johnson; 4.236; $81,850
  4. Nordstrom; 4.234; $39,984
  5. BASF; 4.215; $52,000
  6. Centex; 4.208; $71,024
  7. U.S. Air Force; 4.206; $48,904
  8. Fidelity Investments; 4.205; $73,602
  9. Ericsson; 4.201; $86,296
  10. Chevron; 4.198; $71,072

Perhaps most surprising is that 2011’s top company, Google, did not make the top 50 in 2012.

Given the strong positive correlation between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and financial performance, it will be interesting to follow the performance of the top-10 companies in the coming year, as well as that of Google.

What are you doing to increase the happiness of your company?


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