5 Ways to Improve Customer Service

Consumer insights on being "nice"

LinkedIn just published its “naughty” or “nice” list for 2011 in “Stay on the Nice (not Naughty) List in 2012.”

If you were to ask your customers, which list would they put you on?

These tips may help you make the “nice” list in 2012:

  • Keep Customers Informed.
    Just doing this would have kept Verizon Wireless off the “naughty” list this year.
  • Small Savings Mean A Lot.
    Movie tickets aren’t that much, but Cablevision is giving discounts that landed them on the “nice” list. On the other side, Swiss Colony, AirTran and Southwest wouldn’t be on the list if they reevaluated their hidden fee policies.
  • Give Thanks.
    Chances are, you’re not the only one that can meet your customers needs. If you don’t appreciate them, someone else would gladly do that job for you.
  • Keep the Communication Channels Open.
    Have multiple channels available to customers. REI found itself on the “nice” list year in part because their return policy is so liberal and easy. You can return an item by mail or to any store, regardless of whether you purchased online, in a store or by mail. Offering service options such as online chat, self-service knowledge base, how-to videos, social media help, etc. can go a long way to land you on the “nice” list.
  • Ask Customers How You Can Serve Them Better.
    Finally, listen to what’s going on in your market. I’m sure Southwest didn’t make the list last year just because they guessed people didn’t like bag fees. They listened to the market. This should combine formal customer feedback collection with other sources of such as what customer search for, reviewing inbound customer service emails or chats, social media chatter and more.

Of these five tips, I would say the last one is the most powerful, assuming you take action on the feedback you collect. Without action, listening won’t matter a bit.

Do your customers think your company is “naughty” or “nice?”  How do you know?


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