10 Findings That Will Help You Improve Your Email Marketing

Consumer insights on improved email performance

MailerMailer’s Annual Email Marketing Report analyzed more than 3 million emails, and revealed the following:

  1. Smaller lists tend to have higher open rates — likely a function of lists being better targeted and more relevant to the recipient.
  2. Once an email campaign has been sent, open rates peak within two hours of delivery and decline over the next 46 hours.  Those who are looking forward to the email because they recognize the sender and expect the content to be information of value.
  3. Average open rates are now 11.4%.  This is a function of email volume having increased 61% since 2007.
  4. Average click-through-rates (CTRs) are 2.9%.  Relevance and clear calls to action will increase CTRs.  There’s also a strong positive correlation between number of links in an email and CTR.
  5. Emails are typically opened between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m.  Emails that are scheduled to be delivered very early in the morning tend to have higher open rates and CTRs.
  6. There’s not a great deal of variance in open rates by day with a high of 12.4% on Sunday and a low of 11.1% on Wednesday and Thursday.
  7. Bounce rates correlate with mailing frequency because frequent mailers maintain well-targeted lists, provide relevant content and monitor their lists and performance rates.
  8. Messages that are personalized with prospects’ names in the body of the copy have higher response rates, while those that include their name in the subject line actually have the lowest response rates because prospects assume they’re spam.
  9. Emails with subject lines that are less than 35 characters are opened 3% to 4% more often than those with longer subject lines.
  10. Copy that’s specifically written for small clusters of prospects (e.g., 250 to 500) based on past buying history (similar title, industry) is the most effective.

Are these findings consistent with your email marketing experience?


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