6 Best Practices for Reading and Responding to Digital Body Language

Consumer insights on digital body language

I just read an interesting research report from Eloqua entitled, “Digital Body Language: Reading and Responding to Your Prospects’ Buying Behavior in the Web 2.0 World.”

B2B purchasing in a Web 2.0 world has transformed into an interactive process driven by the customer, not the vendor.

Sales people get less face time with clients and buyers are more educated and have greater knowledge and leverage in the negotiation process.

In the current climate, many buyers conduct their own anonymous evaluations and typically only talk to a short list of potential vendors before making a decision.

To succeed in this new environment, businesses are adapting their marketing and sales processes to the digital body languages of their prospects.

Digital body language is comprised of website visits, information downloads, keyword searches and email responses.

Following are the six best practices industry experts recommend:

  1. Accumulate digital body language by integrating marketing channels on a single marketing platform to build comprehensive prospect profiles.
  2. Communicate digital body language to sales and other business stakeholders by integrating the marketing system with the CRM.
  3. Evaluate digital body language using advanced lead scoring systems that compare prospects’ explicit information with implicit indicators of buying intent.
  4. Accelerate the sales process with real-time sales alerts and notifications of prospect web activity and marketing responses.
  5. Cultivate the digital body language of prospects with personalized lead nurturing campaigns that drive them back to the website.
  6. Validate marketing investments with closed-loop marketing systems that measure marketing’s impact on revenue and pipeline.

By being the first responder when a prospect begins to research a purchase, companies gain a competitive advantage and improve sales effectiveness.

By aligning marketing and sales and measuring the results of campaigns, companies increase the return on their marketing investments.

What can you learn by reading and responding to your prospects’ digital body language?

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