10 Principles for Living Your Vision

Consumer insights on living your vision

Vision, mission and values are just as important for an individual as they are a company.

I believe there needs to be some level of agreement between the individual’s and the company’s vision, mission and values or else the two are not a good fit for the long-term.

  1. Achieve success.  Whatever the opportunity, pick three objectives you want to achieve and work toward achieving those.  More than three are too many to stay focused on.
  2. Always be professional.  Being a professional is about being credible.  If you do not know, don’t make up the answer, make a point of finding the right answer and getting back to the person asking the question.  This will build trust and credibility in you and your company.
  3. Keep texture in your life.  Be multidimensional beyond your work and your industry.  No one likes to talk about business all the time and you need to find personal levels upon which to connect as well.
  4. Surround yourself with positive, forward thinking people.  No one survives alone.  Build strong team bonds so that each member of the team feels a commitment to other members.  We all know the energy we get from positive people and the “energy drain” we feel when we’re around negative people.
  5. Encourage, don’t criticize.  Always look for ways to encourage others in their work.  Be open to other ways of getting things done than just you way.
  6. Don’t be overly technical.  Talk to people using language that everyone can understand.  Don’t exclude people with the jargon of your industry.  It’s not about the technology, it’s about how the technology will improve lives.
  7. Be an effective communicator.  Recognize that communication can be non-verbal as well as verbal and develop your ability to communicate on all levels.
  8. Keep moving forward.  There’s no such thing as a set back.  Everything is a learning moment and the more your do, the more you’ll learn.
  9. Live by principles.  The world is constantly changing.  It’s not always about money and promotions.  In difficult times, a sideways step within the company can represent progress as you develop new skills and help others develop theirs.
  10. Always be true to yourself.  Never sacrifice more than you can afford to lose.  Pursue things that are consistent with your purpose and who you really are.

What principles do you have for living your vision?


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