Top 10 Retailers for Customer Service

Consumer insights on top retailers for customer service
The NRF Foundation, the research and education arm of the National Retail Federation, has announced the top 10 retailers for excellent customer service selected by shoppers in the seventh annual NRF Foundation/American Express Customers’ Choice survey.

The survey asked 9,374 shoppers which retailer provides the best customer service.

According to shoppers, the ten finalists for customer service, in alphabetical order, are:

–    JCPenney
–    Kohl’s Department Stores
–    Lands’ End
–    L.L.Bean
–    Newegg
–    Nordstrom
–    QVC
–    Zappos

The official ranking of each retailer in the top ten will be unveiled at NRF’s Annual Retail Industry luncheon on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, during NRF’s 101st Annual Convention and EXPO. The complete list of 46 retailers that shoppers selected as having the best customer service will also be released at that time.

The survey gauges consumer attitudes toward retailers’ customer service, to promote best practices in customer service and to recognize retailers providing excellent customer service. The survey was conducted September 6 -14, 2011.

I look forward to seeing the final ranking on January 17 to see if Zappos is rated higher its parent, Amazon.  Most of these rankings have Amazon on top; however, my personal experience is that Zappos is far superior to Amazon.  Their CSRs are real people with whom you can have a conversation while Amazon appears to want to automate all of their customer service.

Obviously, all of the top 10 provide outstanding customer service and we can enjoy and learn from all of them.  Hopefully some financial institutions and cable companies, traditionally ranked low in customer satisfaction, will learn from these retailers as well.

Out of the 10 retailers listed, who would you rank number one?


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One Response to Top 10 Retailers for Customer Service

  1. elizabeth dove says:

    I really appreciated this article. Having just endured a terribly customer experience at Best Buy, it’s helpful to read how some retailers value excellent customer service. i would agree with NRF’s list but my top three would be, based on my own experience, 1/ Amazon, 2/ Zappos and 3/ Nordstrom. All three had two things in common: a. they offer fast service and do what they say will do and b. they stand behind what they offer.

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