5 Questions That Will Provide Richer Consumer Insights

Richer consumer insights

In the past, marketers had limited information on customer opinions and those opinions could be biased towards the topics the marketer suggests.

Today, consumers are engaged in a number of public channels and share a lot of information that different software providers are analyzing with “sentiment analysis.”

While this software is great for collecting and tabulating millions of bits of data, it does not provide insights on what the consumer is doing and why.  Structured data tells an incomplete story.

Open-ended questions are key to knowing what customers are thinking about right now.  Their answers to your questions, and your follow-up questions, will help you discover what you didn’t know you were looking for in the first place.

Here are five questions I’ve found that consistently provide consumer insights:

  1. What makes ______ different and better than the competition?
  2. Tell me about the steps you go through in the evaluation and buying process.
  3. What should _____ do to improve their product or service?
  4. What should _____ do to build a better relationship with you?
  5. What have I failed to ask that you think we need to know in order to _____ (objective of the research).

Used at the conclusion of an interview, the fifth question gives the respondent the opportunity to follow-up with a more detailed answer to an earlier question and enable you to probe any answers that you believe will help you get a better understanding of the consumer’s emotional connection to the brand.

What do you do to generate richer consumer insights?


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