How To Learn Consumers’ Emotional Connection to a Brand

Consumer insights on emotional connections to brands

Nice article in a recent edition of Fast Company on neuromarketing, though I disagree with the title, “They Have Hacked Your Brain.”

Neuromarketing is an extremely sophisticated methodology for understanding what consumers aren’t able to explain.

The article reviews the work of NeuroFocus and their technology that enables them to measure brain waves as they are viewing packaging, store layouts, advertising concepts,

I have known for years that consumers make decisions based on emotion and then rationalize their decisions after the fact.  NeuroFocus’ research verifies this in a way that focus groups, surveys and analytics cannot do.

These types of research do not have the ability to determine the actual emotion of the decision because most of the time consumers can’t express it.

I’ve conducted numerous one-on-one in-depth interviews in which I can get to the emotional connections people have with brands.  I cannot do this to the degree of sophistication of NeuroFocus; however, I can uncover insights that you are not able to get with survey or analytics.

Findings like:

  • Doctor’s are unaware of what’s in OTC products and will over prescribe a drug just to satisfy their patient.
  • The emotional connections long-haul truck drivers have with their heavy trucks — much more so than drivers have with their cars.
  • The effectiveness of emotional versus rational advertising for a bank.
  • Pool and spa dealers’ needs and wants.
  • A key tactic that enables a successful insurance salesman to outsells others.
  • That an insurance company was seen as Nordstrom rather than Wal-Mart.

I do not believe you can get these, and other, insights without talking directly consumers one-on-one and having in-depth discussions that will reveal the emotional connections consumers have with a brand.

To me, that’s what missing with all of the focus on analytics and the collection of massive amounts of data and social media conversations.  These technologies and methodologies produce reams of data for analysis, but no consumer dialogue from which you can generate meaningful insights into the emotional connection a consumer has with a brand.

What are you doing to gather insights into the emotional connection consumers have with your brand?


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