Six Steps for B2B Brands to Use Social Media

Consumer insights on social media for B2B

Social media is not just for B2C brands.  With the growth of social media, it’s an effective communications and relationship building channel for B2B companies as well.

Here are the six steps to take to get started:

  1. Assess your clients’ digital behavior.  Talk to your clients about what social media channel they are using and how they’re using them.  If the c-level clients aren’t their yet, talk to their next level of management – they are.
  2. Map where you audience is online.  Start with the one that has the greatest concentration and expand from there.  Don’t try to do too much at first or you’ll do a poor job across all channels.  Better to be deeply involved and committed in one channel than little to no presence in several.
  3. Expand your view to lesser known social channels.  Be open to non-traditional channels where your customers and prospects may be congregating.  Observe for a while and then begin participating by providing non-promotional information of value to build trust and acceptance.
  4. Become a thought leader online.  Provide information of value on a consistent basis.  Participate in conversations.  Be objective and non-promotional.  Again this will help build trust.
  5. Move beyond broadcasting to interacting.  Ultimately your goal is to have a number of ongoing dialogues with customers and prospects.  This is the “social” part of social media.  If you’re just spouting out information and not creating relationships and having a dialogue, you’re essentially using social media for outbound (i.e., one way) marketing.
  6. Give your social media strategy time to take root.  I’ve been writing a personal blog post five days a week for more than a year and now have a steady base of readers.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the content to write that frequently for my company, as such, it will take longer for our social media efforts to pay off; however, we are seeing results and I’m sure they will continue to escalate as we continue to share information of value.

Are you using social media to build your B2B business?


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