7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Storyteller

Consumer insights on storytelling

Great presentation by Lynn Randall of Randall Insights in the webinar, “From Caveman to Customer: What the Evolution of Storytelling Means to Marketers.”

While Lynn made a lot of great points in her presentation, I took away seven reasons why we all need to be better storytellers versus simply presenters:

  1. You have nine seconds to capture the attention of someone to whom you are presenting.  If you start by letting them know you’re going to tell them an interesting story, you’re more likely to grab their attention.  Everyone likes a good story.
  2. The internet has changed the way our brains work.  We no longer remember things we know we can easily find.  We do remember information we’re not able to find easily — like the story you’re about to tell.
  3. Stories deepen people’s insight into you.  They feel like they know more about you and can trust you.
  4. People have a desire to bond.  We are social animals.  We pay attention to one another.  We are influenced by others.  A memorable and enlightening story will help to create or enhance that bond.
  5. When one person tells a story, and the other person listens, their brains begin to synchronize.
  6. Highly emotional experiences are remembered more vividly and for a longer time.  As such, ensure that your story makes an emotional connection.
  7. Stories are a great way of transferring information, emotion and belief in ways that will be remembered.

What would you rather hear — a list of features and benefits, or a good story?

What’s your story?

What the story of your company or the product or service you’re selling?


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