3 Levers of Customer Satisfaction

Consumer insights on customer satisfaction

According to Dave Brown of Citrix, in the webinar “The Perfect Storm — Drive Customer Satisfaction Up and Costs Down,” there are thee key levers of customer satisfaction:

  1. Response time — the time it takes for the customer to get to a qualified person
  2. Resolve time — the time it takes to reach resolution so the customer is satisfied
  3. Status updates — need for customers to be kept informed while resolution is being reached

There is an 80% positive correlation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

All three levers are critical.

The faster the response time, with a real person, not interactive voice response (IVR), the better.

Resolution and first call resolution (FCR) are key drivers of operational efficiency.  The cost of resolution effectively doubles each time a problem or question escalates to another level in the organization.

Increasing FCR reduces overall workload, increases customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction and engagement.  As such, you should do everything you can to educate and empower your customer-facing employees to maximize their ability to deliver a high rate of FCR.

In order to do this, you need to understand the difference between FCR cases and non-FCR cases.  Once you know the difference you are able to refine your training, employ skills-based call routing, desktop screen sharing and an accessible, and ever-growing, knowledge base.

With regards to the third lever, status updates, I go back to Wachovia Bank’s “sundown rule.”  This was institutionalized before the Wachovia name was bought by First Union and now Wells Fargo.  Hopefully Wells Fargo will bring the sundown rule back.

What is the sundown rule?  It simply says you’ll get a call back before the end of the day, sundown, with a status update on your question or issue if it hasn’t been resolved yet.  Wachovia bankers used to have a great reputation for their responsiveness and extraordinary customer service.

Might your company improve customer satisfaction levels by employing the sundown rule?


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