5 Keys to Making It Happen

Consumer insights on making it happen

Great speech by Peter Sheahan, author of Making It Happen, at the ABA Marketing Conference.

In his speech, Peter shared the five competencies you need to understand and use to drive buyer behavior, break through mental barriers and position your offer.

  1. Be prepared to test the assumptions you are making about the market right now.  Assumptions can block your ability to execute.  Know and advocate for your customers.  Know why your customers buy.  Marketing must deliver consumer insights.
  2. Have fewer initiatives.  Execute them better.  Get narrow.  “If you have more than five initiatives you’re off your rocker.”  People are spread so thin that nothing gets done well.
  3. Build around a clear and compelling narrative.  Have a compelling story.  People remember stories more than features and benefits. Ensure everyone in your firm knows and is able to tell that story and delivers on the promise in the story both inside and outside the firm.
  4. You must own execution outside your four walls.  Talk to people about what they are doing.  Take ownership that the initiatives that are supposed to be getting done are getting done.
  5. Learn to speak the language of the CEO.  Earn a place at the table.  Understand the financials and how your company makes money.  Know the ROI of your marketing efforts.

What are you doing to “make it happen?”



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