10 New Rules of Customer Service

Consumer insights on customer service

Thanks to Joseph Jaffe and “The Customer Service Manifesto.”  Mr. Jaffe suggests that never before in the history of business and marketing has customer service been as front and center as it is today.

So much so that it is being transformed and reborn in front of our very eyes as arguably one of the most mission critical components that can make or break a business.

Customer service is the new marketing.

Here are the 10 new rules for customer service:

  1. Customer service doesn’t end at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
  2. Move from “everything communicates” to “everyone communicates.”  Customer service is the new P.R.
  3. All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others.  Know who they are.
  4. Customer service is not only about solving problems.  Helping customers improve the use of your product or service, experience or lives is just as compelling as solving problems.
  5. Customer service “lives in the now.”  The ability to solve problems in real-time is the ultimate difference maker.
  6. Customer service can be a revenue generator.  Get new business from current customers and new business from new customers.
  7. Customer service lives in the public domain.  Be prepared to address customer service issues publicly, quickly, decisively, comprehensively and authentically.
  8. Customer service needs a memory.  It’s a commitment, not a one-off happenstance.
  9. Customer service needs to be proactive and anticipatory.  An active and engaged listening strategy will help to identify opportunities, spot problems before they escalate, and in doing so, surprise and delight customers by making an unexpected move in the for of responding to them.
  10. Customer service is alive.  Feedback loops need to be active, direct and effective at improving, evolving and moving the business forward.

Using the C.O.S.T. acronym, companies need to elevate customer service from:

  • Cultural — horizontal or pervasive throughout the organization
  • Organizational — its own core competency; perhaps in the form of a customer experience discipline
  • Strategic — a critical or key part of marketing
  • Tactical — an outsourced department

It’s time to transform customer service from a one-dimensional, one-off and transactional-based exchange into a fluid and integral part of doing business.

How do these 10 rules affect your business?

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