Keys to Building a Great Brand

Consumer insights on building great brands

Thanks to Financial Marketing Solutions for their presentation at the ABA’s Bank Marketing Conference.  Tim Pannell and his wife and business partner, Laurie Campbell Pannell, are doing great work for banks and provided the following keys for building a great brand that are relevant to any marketer and any media.

A brand is everything working together—your logo, tagline, colors and even intangible personality traits—that makes your brand unique.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is what people think it is.  It’s constantly changing.  As such, you have to work to build your brand, and monitor what people are thinking and saying, every day.

A strong external brand starts with a strong internal brand.

Make “on brand” behavior the easiest option for your team members.

Clearly communicate:

  • What we stand for
  • How the brand should be reinforced in all situations
  • How to apply the brand to verbal communications

You Need a Brand Champion

This is usually the CEO.  Outline internal initiatives, culture development and desired employee behaviors.  Then be the ultimate brand cheerleader
for your team.

Appoint Brand Ambassadors

Inspire select employees to be ambassadors of your brand vision and keep the energy up for your brand. Equip them with ideas for applying the brand in the day-to-day banking environment. Brand ambassadors are our internal (and often external) cheerleaders who spread the brand vision and cultivate the brand’s attitude.

Engage Every Team Member

Brand engagement is the alignment of all of your team members and processes behind the brand to ensure service is delivered consistently and the brand promise is kept.

What are your keys to building a great brand?


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